i am [reborn]

Hello everyone!


I am super excited to announce that Bikram Yoga Williamsville will now be known as I Am Yoga Buffalo. When the studio first opened, the idea was to bring health and wellness to the community through introducing the wonderful healing benefits of the Bikram Yoga series. Over the past ten years, we've co-created a community. A place where you come to connect, to feel inspired and empowered. I joined this community eight years ago and started learning what it is to feel safe, supported, and connected. Practicing yoga has taught me how to feel honestly and how to respond authentically. It's helped me learn how to be the best version of myself, encouraged me to explore, and allowed me to be creative. 


The name of the studio should reflect the space we collectively create- the space everyone is welcomed, encouraged, and motivated to come back. I Am Yoga will continue to offer hot 26/2 classes (formerly referred to as Bikram Yoga) with added classes like Forrest Yoga and Vinyasa Flow. We hope that you share our excitement about the changes and let the community know that we are offering many different types of yoga.


I'm grateful for all of you and excited to grow this community with you. Thank you for your support over the years-for your passion, your practice, and your devotion. As it's been said- I am what I am because of who we all are.


See you in the hot room!

- Madeline

Stacey Bank