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Get to know Mollie:

…“for the first time in years, I've been able to see changes in my body. I was not only noticing improvement in my strength and endurance, but I've also experienced emotional and spiritual changes; I'm more patient, focused, grounded, positive.

I've let go of feelings that I need to look a certain way, because EVERY body is a yoga body. I can show up to class stressed out, cranky, and tired, leave it all on the mat, and walk out the door feeling refreshed and renewed.   

I AM Yoga has changed my life, and I can tell that when I miss one of my regular classes, I'm not myself”…. read more here!



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we offer hot 26/2, forrest and vinyasa classes. no experience? no problem. all of our classes are open to all skill levels. our yoga is done in a heated room to warm your body and to increase flexibility. this allows you to work deep into the muscles, ligaments and tendons. hot yoga makes your body work more efficiently to improve your overall health and reduce the effects of stress. don’t get me wrong, you’ll work hard, but you'll leave feeling energized and rejuvenated. after all, change comes from the inside out. new student? check out our into package for only $39.


we offer hot 26/2, forrest and vinyasa classes.

no experience? no problem. all our classes are open to all skill levels.

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we also offer monthly packages and unlimited class bundles.

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5459 Main Street 2nd Floor
Williamsville, New York 14221


Enjoy practicing in our 5,000 square foot studio with a state of the art heating system.  While the temperature is hot and humid, we use a Refresh System that takes air from outside, heats it and releases it evenly throughout the room.  Instead of recycling air inside the room, we make sure fresh air is consistently spread throughout the room.

There are two changing rooms, each with two showers so you are able to wash off after class.  We sell various drinks (water and electrolytes), yoga mats, towels, and yoga wear.

i am what i am because of who we all are