get to know - Sherrill Cooper

I Am a Yogi
By Sherrill Cooper

My name is Sherrill, I’m seventy-two
When I take Bikram Yoga I never feel blue
And when I finish a class, it’s like I start anew
I believe I could even win a medal with the West Side Rowing Crew

I love to dance,
If my knees were better, I’d be moving with a prance
I love movies, music, and a good read
(almost to the point it reaches into greed)

I love animals, trees,
Being in my convertible creating an awesome breeze
I surely need my space,
Love my family and friends with heartfelt caring grace

Life is in my spirit and keeps me in the race
There’s so much more, what can I say,
Maybe another time, maybe another place

I’m told what’s important is the dash,
Between birth and death
I hope I can look in the mirror and smile, even though I’ve not made much of a splash.

To Be a Yogi

It’s not just the perspiration,
That motivates the inspiration
It’s not just the melting pot,
Nor the energy that so often is sought
I think it’s more the love,
That fills the room, like the warmth of a glove
And pushes negativity out of the door with a great shove
So hang in there yogi! The best is yet to come
The peace you feel today will be safe in the soul of the dove.
My name is Sherrill Cooper, I’m now 92
Still taking Bikram Yoga, still chasing away the blue.


Stacey Bank