get to know - Sarah

I am a recent college graduate with a bachelors in Broadcasting and Mass Communication. I chose Broadcasting because I felt it was the best way to apply my strengths to serve others. I'm deeply invested in humanity, and hope to use my professional career to bring attention to important causes like environmental sustainability, gender equality, and education. I love writing, the outdoors, music, laughter, and yoga!

My yoga journey began in high school, however since joining the I Am Yoga family in August, I have developed an even greater appreciation for the practice. It's nearly always a challenge and I've even cried in class, but there's something to be said about the silent confrontation between mind and body that inevitably occurs on the mat. Not only do I appreciate the physical discipline of yoga, but the mental and spiritual discipline as well. I truly feel my practice has improved my overall quality of life, and I hope to become an instructor one day to give others what I Am Yoga Buffalo has given to me!

I'm so grateful for yoga and this studio - every single class has taught me something new, leaving me better than I was before. 

I am Sarah Shallowhorn and I am evolving!

Stacey Bank