get to know - Colin

My entire life I've hated anything that made me sweat. This may seem high maintenance or something a lazy 20-something may say when asked about physical exercise, but the thought of going to a gym has always been disturbing to me. I failed gym class in high school, if that's any consolation. When one of my best friends, Madeline, asked me to join her for class at her yoga studio (I Am Yoga Buffalo), it took me almost two years to actually show up (even though it wasn't a gym).

Soon after, I began taking Bikram and Forrest Yoga three times a week. My inspiration? I was sick of feeling disconnected to my body and myself; I felt perpetually apathetic, to say the least. This has been the driving force behind my new relationship with yoga (I say relationship because I've started to feel clingy and grumpy without it). I now crave to spend 75 minutes in a heated, quiet room, with no option but to focus on the work I am putting into myself and my body. At first, I mostly took Madeline's Forrest classes because it was fun taking the class of someone who is basically my sister. As I've progressed, I've ventured into Vinyasa classes with Tricia and Paige and discovered there are no limits to how great my body can feel (and look)!

This has all happened for me in three-four months. I can confidently say that I feel like a stronger person, physically and mentally. I am connected.  I'm basically like Jean Grey from The X-Men, a phoenix. Limitless.

Thank you Madeline & I Am Yoga Buffalo for believing in me when I wasn't able to believe in myself (I promise this isn't an Oscar Awards speech, y'all). Namaste!

Stacey Bank