get to know - Therese

I am a Kintsugi cup and yoga is my gold.

In the fall of 2007 I moved from my home of 29 years in Lafayette, Indiana to Buffalo. In doing so, I left my life behind. I had been many people there: the mother of two children, a masters student in Anthropology, an administrator in the business school, an avid racquetball player, a preschool teacher, an alto in a semi-professional choir, a Phd student in emergent literacy, a long distance runner, a folk singer.  Through these efforts I’d acquired a treasure trove of friendships that helped me define and center myself.  The move left me adrift, bereft, isolated, angry, and ultimately, ill.

In May of 2009, I started Bikram classes to try to regain my health. Becky (bless her) would let me come early for the 9 am class so I could have extra time in the heat to sweat out the toxic chemicals and emotions that had poisoned me. The next two years were excruciating. I couldn’t concentrate. I couldn’t retain information. I had no joy. I took no pleasure. I did keep coming back to the studio to practice, though I confess, the sweat rolling down my cheeks felt more like tears. 

Yoga tells us to turn toward balance and observe the result rather than force it. Gradually my body grew strong, my spirit healed. I knew that yoga would always be an important component of my life. Since I’m inclined to the habit of study, pursuing a 200 hour teaching certification was a logical commitment to make. I earned my teaching certificate through the Himalayan Institute in May of 2016. This month I begin to study for my 500 hour certificate. I’m not a great teacher yet, (Please, come and see for yourself!) but that’s ok.  I am healed; I am happy.

Stacey Bank