get to know - David

A graduate student at work suggested I attend Bikram classes after I spoke about looking for a practice to help with focus and concentration. That was in 2009. My first Bikram class was July, 2009. I fell in love with this hot sweaty yoga immediately. I bought the introductory pass and came five times in those first ten days. I kept track of how often I took class as a way to maintain my practice when life's other demands showed up. The physical benefits were much as we all experience; strength, stamina, weight loss, better sleep, and feeling so healthy. However, my mind went on an interesting adventure. I created a monster. My ego began to show up more and more. 

At two years, I hurt my back. I did not see this coming. My ego kept me from paying attention to what my body was telling me. That was a tough lesson. I was so disappointed with my back injury and the changes it brought to my practice. I persevered and learned from others who have dealt with physical problems. 

For many years now, I am learning about self-acceptance. I don't think I could have learned about self-acceptance without the injury. I am satisfied with how things are. I feel better in and after each class. I focus on my breathing and I know the importance of "doing what I can in the moment". This has enriched my meditation. I continue to enter the hot room to meditate, and do what I can with acceptance of what is happening. Bikram yoga has been and continues to be a beautiful part of my life. I am grateful for this studio and the lovely people that show up every day. 

Stacey Bank