get to know - Mariana

I am Mariana Maniscalco. My first encounter with Bikram yoga was at Bikram Yoga Williamsville in 2011 with my aunt when I was only 13 years old. I knew It was challenging, but it was challenge I embraced right from the start.

In October 2012 I experienced a massive stroke that left me physically disabled. After a six-month hospital stay, I regained strength through physical and occupational therapy. I also published a book about the challenges of my journey, titled If Your Head Can’t, Your Heart Will…But What If That’s Broken Too?

Currently I’m a sophomore at D’Youville College studying occupational therapy. I am so grateful for yoga because I can see how much it benefits me physically, but it also because it helps me be the best version of myself that I possibly can be.

picture of me (right) at Bikram yoga Williamsville (2011)

picture of me (right) at Bikram yoga Williamsville (2011)

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