get to know - Michael

One of the safest places in my world is on my mat. In the supportive stillness we create, I get to regroup, recharge and rest. On my mat, I have grown, cried, learned, suffered, laughed, stretched, and prospered.  At times, insights and creative solutions to personal and business challenges are gently delivered like little bubbles rising in a clear, fresh water pond. 

My yoga journey began in 2004 as just a really sweaty form of exercise and has evolved into a true appreciation that it's a practice not a perfect - a restorative, spiritual component in the journey of my life. The loving imperfection of yoga has integrated deeply into my life. Yoga's never-ending lesson for me is that it's pointless to become angry or to hold negativity - traveling lightly through our lives with positive expectation breeds satisfaction and joy.  My yoga practice aids and encourages this loving sense of self and others. At nearly every class, Roberto Valenzia, a former instructor, would say, "Blessed are we that we have the time, the wherewithall and the health to practice this yoga". Indeed, I am refreshed.





Stacey Bank