get to know - chris

Hi! I'm Chris. I'm a massage therapist, an acro-yoga practitioner, and [soon to be] the Head Coach of the Buffalo Quidditch team! I'm a do-it-all sort of guy who loves trying new activities and learning everything I can to impact my body in a positive way. I started doing yoga sometime back in 2012, but never really was too seriously into it until this past year.

The first time I came to hot yoga was quite memorable, and a life-changing one at that. The first day I decided to come was because a good friend from massage school brought me in. I had done normal sorts of yoga before so I figured it would be easy, and that being in a warm room would help to loosen the muscles. (It does). When I walked in the room was about 110 degrees; I remember thinking it was sooooo comfortable to sit in.   Then the class began. I did alright in holding each posture, until about 30 minutes in. Then I was really being worked. I refused to take any breaks because "I had done yoga before, these postures aren't that hard"; honestly, I just couldn't let anyone know the difficulty I was having with this! It was about 45 minutes into the 90-minute session that my hands and feet started tingling. 60 minutes in and my entire arms and legs were tingling. At this point, I realized I probably should've brought more water with me... Needless to say, I stopped doing the postures at this point and focused on holding onto my consciousness, for if I stopped I knew I would pass out. (I must say that it's always promoted to take care of yourself and to leave the room if necessary at any point, but I hope this goes to show how stubborn I was in pushing myself). 

After the class was finished, it took me 3 minutes to walk 15 feet to the stairs where I sat contemplating for 20 minutes on what I had just put myself through. It was at that point on the stairs that I knew how beautiful this practice is. If something so simple as yoga in a warm room could kick my ass so much, this was something I needed to practice much more. /It was love at first session/. Ever since, I've joined this beautiful community and haven't looked back since.

Practicing at this studio has taught me very much about myself, in my capabilities to push myself both physically and mentally. Pushing myself past barriers that I didn't even know existed, I have a new sense of myself and how I hold my body in space. I love everything about I Am Yoga, from the continuous journey of bodily movement, to the sense of acceptance here that I haven't found anywhere else; I seriously appreciate everything I've learned in this short time and everyone who comes in through those doors. 


Stacey Bank