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I AM…. Mindful

Many times our lives can feel overwhelming. We get to the point where we can’t hold in one.
More. Thing. The chaos pulls our energies and attention away from the present moment. We’ve
all been there.

I felt this way in January, 2014 when I moved from New Orleans, LA to Buffalo, NY. I took a leap
of faith, closed my fitness and coaching business, took a corporate-health coaching job and
headed up north to be closer to the person I was dating for the past three years.
After five years, things ended. The experience left me feeling vulnerable, raw, unraveled, and
filled to capacity. What have I done? Who have I become? I found myself alone, in frigid,
Buffalo, New York of all places!

At the same time, residual injuries from a cycling accident resurfaced in my body, and I found
myself on the other side of the health and fitness spectrum. I was now the client in need of

I walked into the I AM Yoga Studio in December, 2016 with the intention of staying mindful.
I wanted to focus on others and to take full responsibility for my choices moving forward. No

It turns out this way of living is tough stuff. I‘ve taken some Yoga classes before, but I’ve never
consistently practiced Yoga until 2016. The struggle is real. Some days flowed, while most days
literally felt like a “hot mess.” If you have ever taken a hot yoga class, then you fully understand
that statement.

At one point, I literally got stuck in eagle pose; the sweat somehow suctioned my arm wrap and
leg wrap together. To the brave soul who unstuck me that day: “thanks boo!” Clearly, I blocked
your face from memory!

I locked in, laid my ego down, allowed my body to heal and eventually life made some sense
again. In some circles this may be what forgiveness looks like. I AM Yoga is one of many spaces
that I can practice the art of mindful meditation, leave behind judgement, and strengthen my
inner resolve. That is, when I’m not laughing, or getting stuck in poses. The teachers each have
their own unique style, and provide me the tools to find my way in the three practices that the
studio now offers.

Thank you I AM Yoga, for providing this space. Thank you for your continual support of me as a
student. If you ever want to try a class out, message me @christacamarillo



Stacey Bank