get to know - Mollie

Hi there! My name is Mollie, and I first started practicing yoga 4 years ago when my family moved back to Buffalo from Austin, TX. My husband and I were born and raised in Buffalo, and after having a couple kids, we decided it was time to come home.  Although it was a very positive move, my body struggled with the amount of stress I put it through during that transition. It was a crazy few months of solo parenting 2 young children, selling our house, and packing up all of our belongings while my husband started his new job across the country. I was on autopilot and most days felt like I was drowning. I kept thinking that once we were settled, life would calm down. Months passed and my health started to deteriorate. Simple tasks drained me, my running pace had slowed to a crawl, I couldn’t lift as heavy as I used to be able to, and any strenuous exercise left me sick and exhausted for days. I woke up every day feeling hopeful, but ended up frustrated and anxious when the inevitable fog would land.

After seeing many doctors who could not find anything "wrong" with me, I finally let go and decided I needed to slow down and stop abusing myself.  I couldn’t put myself through workouts anymore that were destroying me and making me miserable to be around. I wasn't happy with how I looked or felt, but it was clear that I needed to start learning to love myself the way I was. I had to look beyond the structure I was used to, to find what made me feel good.  And this is when yoga became a part of my life. It started slow; a few times a month I would tag along with my sister to classes. I loved the gentle movement and how calm I felt afterwards, but I needed something more regular. She then talked me into trying an intro month at I AM Yoga, and I have been hooked ever since! 

For the first time in years, I've been able to see changes in my body. I was not only noticing improvement in my strength and endurance, but I've also experienced emotional and spiritual changes; I'm more patient, focused, grounded, positive. I've let go of feelings that I need to look a certain way, because EVERY body is a yoga body. I can show up to class stressed out, cranky, and tired, leave it all on the mat, and walk out the door feeling refreshed and renewed.   I AM Yoga has changed my life, and I can tell that when I miss one of my regular classes, I'm not myself. 
I have tried all three styles of yoga the studio offers, but I am most likely to be found in the vinyasa classes. I love the flow, connecting the breath with movement, and seeing how far I’ve come in terms of strength, endurance, and flexibility. It has been so therapeutic for me. Above all, I love the sense of community this studio provides. Every class I walk into, I’m met with friendly faces, and amazing teachers. If you’ve ever been curious about what hot yoga can do for you, just give it a try!


Stacey Bank